Book 書籍

Chromatic Harmonica Enhancement Course

Author 作者 : Howard Lam 林浩懷, Ho Leung-sing 何亮誠, Tommy Leung 梁定邦
Advisor 顧問 : Johnny Chan 陳國勳
Publisher 出版 : HARMONICA.HK 香港口琴網
Publication Year 出版年份 : 2012
ISBN 國際書號 : 9789881681119

Description 介紹
The book is well structured offering the features below:
  1. Western Classical music is the core component and harmonica serves as the medium to explore the magnificence of music;
  2. Passing on music knowledge through analysis of the piece while stimulating readers to think and cultivate their learning ability;
  3. Staff notation and numerical notation are provided to help readers in mastering both music sheet presentations and to facilitate interactions with other people in the music world;
  4. In English and Chinese in parallel for readers in Asia Pacific.
  1. 以西洋古典音樂為主軸,透過口琴涉獵當中豐富的音樂內涵;
  2. 透過樂曲解說灌輸音樂知識,啟發自學者思考,培養主動探索求知的精神;
  3. 樂譜以五線譜及簡譜並行,使自學者能靈活掌握兩種樂譜的運用,方便與其他音樂界別互動交流;
  4. 中英對照,配合亞太各國自學者的需要。

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Seventy Years of Hong Kong Harmonica

Editor-in-Chief 主編 : Johnny Chan 陳國勳
Deputy Editor-in-Chief 副主編 : Howard Lam 林浩懷
Publisher 出版 : Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co. Ltd. 三聯書店(香港)有限公司
Publication Year 出版年份 : 2004
ISBN 國際書號 : 9620424204

Description 介紹
This book is mainly composed of five chapters:
  • Chapter 1: Harmonica’s invention, development and introduction to China
  • Chapter 2: Overview of harmonica music in China
  • Chapter 3: Overview of harmonica music in Hong Kong
  • Chapter 4: Prominent figures in the harmonica community of Hong Kong
  • Chapter 5: Sharing by harmonica masters and composers of Hong Kong
  • 第一章︰口琴的發明、演進與傳入中國
  • 第二章:中國內地口琴音樂概述
  • 第三章:香港口琴音樂概述
  • 第四章:香港口琴界風雲人物
  • 第五章:香港口琴名家、作曲家隨筆