Harmonica 口琴

Harmonica Art 口琴藝坊

Harmonica Art (http://harmonicart.com) designs and manufactures various models of professional concert harmonicas with the “J&T” signature. Howard Lam uses J&T Harmonicas in most performances.

口琴藝坊 (http://harmonicart.com) 設計及生產多種冠以「J&T品牌」的專業演奏級口琴。林浩懷在大部分演出均使用J&T口琴。

J&T Silver 12

J&T 12-hole Silver Harmonica is an all-round instrument with a clear and responsive sound. It is suitable for all pieces. The additional weight on the back adds extra mass and provides the power that you cannot find in ordinary comb design.


J&T Ebony 12

J&T 12-hole Ebony Harmonica has a warm and exquisite tone colour unique to instruments made of ebony. Its richness of tone colour is suitable for expressive pieces.


J&T Silver 14 with Ebony Back

J&T 14-hole Silver Harmonica with Ebony Back has a pure and sonorous voice. It is suitable for violin pieces which require rich tone colour in the low register.


J&T Bronze 12

J&T 12-hole Bronze Harmonica has a brilliant voice. Its power is fully demonstrated with a Hard Bopper cover plate.

J&T十二孔純銅口琴擁有輝煌的音色,配上Hard Bopper蓋板更能展現其力量。


Polle Silver Harmonica is an artwork with excellent craftsmanship. Its delicate and pure sound is suitable for elegant pieces.

Polle 純銀口琴是一件工藝非凡的精品,其精緻清純的音色適合優雅的樂曲。